Membership Benefits​

  • Partnership

    Being a member of the EU-Ghana AgriBusiness Platform creates a wider opportunity for potential business partnerships with similar ventures

  • Market Linkages

    The platform opens various doors for market linkages with the opportunity to make your business visible internationally and directly contacting other members for potential markets.

  • Business Directory

    Paid members have the privilege to access the Agribusiness Directory section of the platform where various national and international agribusinesses are featured with a direct contact option, and they can also list and feature their own business and organization.

  • Highlevel Events

    Paid members will have access to high level agribusiness events, such as workshops, conferences, fairs, as well as other networking events where they can link with similar agribusinesses and promote their business.

  • Training and Consultations

    Members will have the opportunity to attend relevant trainings and consultation sessions organized by the platform and/or key partners of the platform.